Blossom Corner

Here we are in Blossom Corner, a quiet and beautiful place where all our beloved flowers and nature friends live. Our newly planted flowers are the Tulips, Daffodils and Pansies which add such lovely colours to the winter garden. I, myself am not very good at gardening and tending the plants even though I admire their beauty and love nature. This is one of the ares which I am working on. I first started with looking after a African Violet which is still alive ( I didn't over water it!) and I hope to learn a lot more about tending the flowers. My daughter loves Blossom Corner and has taught me a lot so far, she takes after my mum who loves the outdoors and nature. It is such a joy to watch my daughter with her Nan in Blossom Corner learning so much from her and gaining knowledge in this area.

Our nature friends are the ants who have had a home here for many years. Its very fascinating to take some time out to watch them, sometimes we even give them a little sprinkle of sugar as a treat. The black birds have made our corner their winter home for the past number of years and hopefully we will welcome their return again soon. As winter is well and truly here there are not too many animals around but we still look for them, just last week we were very surprised to see a beautiful butterfly fluttering around, a couple of bees and one hover fly. We will keep watching and looking for our nature friends and tending the plants, never knowing what we might discover.

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