Pearls of the Heart

Mr Fox

This is a Tail about a young wise fox who lived many moons ago, in the days when foxes were never thought of fondly. Mr Fox as every one called him never liked playing or racing in the open fields. He preferred the quietness of the shady  forest, and this is were he spent all of his days reading, writing, telling stories of far away places and drawing, amongst the beautiful wild flowers. They were his friends his greatest companions. They would hang onto every word he told, he was their eyes to the outside world. 

The wildflowers loved their little cosy corner in the forest, they had everything they needed but they all wanted to be able to walk, run or even fly as the animals of the forest did, so they too could explore what lay beyond. Alas being flowers they could not, but their wishes were granted in the form of Mr Fox. He would come every day and with his stories and pictures open up the outer-bounds of their world to them. The tales he would tell were magnificent and the colours of the stories were woven in such riches colours, it would feel like the flowers themselves were there, right along side their beloved Mr Fox.

 The days went by one after another and all too soon the north winds started to blow and the leaves started falling to the ground. The air was so much crisper and the days were becoming much shorter. Mr Fox told the flowers that soon he would no longer be able to visit them any more. Winter was approaching very quickly and he had to prepare his den if he was to survive the winter months. At the sound of these words his devoted friends started to cry. Mr Fox tried to cheer them up by promising his return to them once spring returned again, yet this was to no avail. Very sadly 
Mr Fox quietly left.

Early the next morning just as the first rays of light crept into the forest Mr Fox heard a knock at his front door. Immediately he went to answer the door with a very puzzled expression on his face, as he never had anyone call on him before. Mr Fox opened the door, and laying there on the mat was a letter addressed to him. Mr Fox was so curious to see who had written it, that he failed to see who had delivered it. Inside was a note which said "please come to visit us once more before winter sets in."That's all the letter said, there wasn't a signature to be found anywhere. Mr Fox thought and thought about this message." It couldn't  be the wild flowers who sent it, as they can't write or walk, so who could it be?"  Fortunately Mr Fox didn't have to wait too long to find out as there was another knock at the door and standing there this time was one of the forest birds.

Mr Fox instantly followed the little bird who lead him to his friends the wild flowers. As you can imagine Mr Fox was greatly surprised and there laying on the ground was a beautiful parcel address to him. Mr Fox very carefully picked it up, opened the parcel, and there laying amongst the wrapping was the foxgloves own gloves. 
The foxglove told him their story this time of how they had watched him write for such a long  time that they were sure they could try, which they did very successfully. It was their idea to give him their gloves that they cherished, in hopes that it would keep him warm enough for him to visit them during the winter months.

 Mr Fox was so delighted that they loved him so much, so he did agree to continue visiting them during the wintry days. The gloves kept him so cosy and warm and he did have enough to eat. For all the forest inhabitants loved his stories so much, that they would save all the food they could to share with him.

Spring came in time and, Mr Fox washed and aired the gloves very gently. He walked down the familiar old path which led to all his forest friends and very carefully hung the gloves back onto the Foxgloves, who stood so tall and elegantly with their crowning glory restored once more returned to them.

Written by Ruth McCarthy

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Anonymous said...

Lovely story and I love your pictures.

Thanks for sharing your stories, inspirations, homeschooling info, etc. I look forward to reading your future posts. I love Sofia's world too!

Great blog!


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