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At Spires School Room, we are nearly all settled  into our new home, but before I tell you about our wonderful adventures we are having at the moment I would like to take you on a little trip to the past which will give you some understanding of were we are now.

This part of my journey started when my little one was born. I, just like most mothers cared for, doted on and made sure that my beloved daughter had all that she needed. The days and weeks went by like the winds of Autumn and day by day I nurtured and tried to lead her in the right ways, how to be good, kind, caring, loving, and how to learn from all that surrounds us. My heart was always drawn to Homeschooling,  which grew as I looked into all the possibilities.  It was settled finally, after much consideration that I would continue to be her teacher. However during the last couple of months of last year my daughter asked to go to school. This saddened my heart greatly but I thought if this is what she really wants maybe homeschooling isn't for her.... We changed our course and headed in another direction, filled out applications for school, attended information days and group days and all to soon the First day of school arrived. I had to say goodbye. For some this is just a normal progression in their life, but for me it felt like all that I wanted and more importantly what I  believed was right for her was being shattered. My heart strings were being pulled at.....

At the end of the school days I asked how everything went, tried to find out about what she was doing, but all she would say was that school was really good. But something in my heart told me otherwise. I noticed my daughters personality stared to change, she wouldn't eat very much and at night she would lay in bed so worried and trying to sort out problems way beyond her years. My heart strings were being pulled at ,harder now, and finally I found out that she was being bullied ,yelled at and the bullies wouldn't leave her alone. I was horrified and could see that so much of the confidence, knowledge and encouragement that had been nurtured into her was shattered, she was confused with learning and (prior to this she picked things up quickly) she had only been at school for 3weeks!!!! My daughter and my family tried some different ways to deal with these girls, which didn't work and at school she wasn't learning just becoming confused so I decided to take out and do what I should of done in the first place... Homeschool.

My heart strings were no longer pulled at, I knew this was right. I had to deschool my daughter even though she was there for just a short time and start back at the beginning again. I had been drawn to a homeschooling curriculum called Christpherus by Donna Simmons which has fitted us like a glove, of course I have adapted it in the areas I need to but on the whole at the moment this style is working well for us and my daughter loves it. In our education we use a lot of stories which we learn from. They included the adapted folk tales, Hans Christian Anderson, La Fontaine, Parables from Nature by Margaret Gatty and stories I have made up myself.

In English we have learnt most of the letters of the alphabet by taking a trip with the Wise Women of the Waves as she teaches the Proud Price how to rule his Kingdom Rightly. We have learnt using picture letters, characters and rhymes.

In maths we have learnt not only the numeral, but the understanding of the quality (essence of each number), the names, amounts and the Roman numeral,  using songs, rhymes and games.

In Form Drawing (Handwriting) we are drawing  forms with points,curves,straight and running forms. My daughters writing has so greatly improve, the formations are lovely and she loves to move the forms with her whole body.

We listen to a variety of music, dance, sing and play the recorder,  one day soon we might even try the violin. Nature and seasonal paintings are painted regularly,  playing games, reciting poems, verses and songs are included in most days.

We cook, create and are inspired from our nature walks and observations of the gardens.

Oh, I nearly forgot, reading and writing as well, which are very important for us. Some I hope to post here, keep an eye for them and please let me know what you think.

This is our homeschooling life at the moment which will grow with us along the way and my further writings will give you more of a look into the life at Spires School Room.

Thank you for your comments

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Michelle said...

homeschooling has so many exciting aspects :)

FireLight said...

Congratulations on your decision to home school your lovely daughter! (I have been scrolling through your posts.) I am a teacher in a public high school. It is my observation that the children who begin their educations at home, are unique and confident students.
You have also created a beautiful place at Foxglove Spires. I adore the foxglove, but mine are retreating from the Alabama summer heat.

Foxglove Spires said...

Thank you FireLight for your lovely comments.

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