The Book Nook


Here in another corner at Foxglove Spires you will discover The Book Nook. Our shelves are overflowing with books we love, it's so delightful to spend as long as possible snuggled up in a warm cosy chair  or outside in the sunshine revisiting  and enjoying. We love books they are like dear friend which can take us to many far away places on such amazing voyages, through different times and embarking on many adventures.

 Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a book tree!

Little Blue by Gaye Chapman is a simple heartfelt tale with such gorgeous illustrations about a boy who found little Blue while walking through the forest, they search everywhere until they discover where her home is, but it will be a delightful surprise to find were she really lives. It's a simply charming little book with illustrations to enjoy.

A peek inside

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Jeanne said...

We love little blue too! As a collector of blue and white china, I kinda had to, didn't I?!!

Foxglove Spires said...

Of course you had to Jeanne, I love finding books I can't let slip by, there is always a good reason.....

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