Daughter of the King

I held her hand as we brased the cold winter air. It was fresh and awakened all senses. The memories of the my childhood haunts came rushing back to me  as we stood by the banks and fed the ducks. Here we were again, visiting a park we have in times gone by visited quiet often, but today as we were frolicking amongst the banks of the river I remembered.  The Hot summer days playing, picnicking and even singing with our school. The spring, summer, autumn and winter, the seasons as they changed. I have no idea why these memories visited me today but as I welcomed them I could see how as the seasons have changed so have the eyes in which this beautiful old park have held memories.

 Sometimes the memories were with eyes of a small child being led by my mother  and then growing older, playing games with friends. As we have visited this spot I have view this special place from a small child full of wonder, a child growing full of curiosity , a young adult picnicking, and now as mother, seeing it all over again through the eyes of my daughter.

 As I stand by my own mother, whom  I'm so blessed to still have near, I hope one day I will revisit  this special place as a grandmother full of wisdom, still being able to frolic amongst the banks, still learning, and most importantly, seeing the world through the eyes of a Daughter of the King.


Anonymous said...

That was such a beautiful reflective post.

Terresa said...

It is something, to see places with new eyes, those of our own children.

You have a lovely blog. Glad you stopped by mine, as I was able to find yours!

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