The Parcel

Today we received our parcel from Spiral Gardens, "thank you Bel." Bel is the owner of Spiral Gardens , she has a wonderful array of products ranging from arts and crafts, books, toys and gifts. All the products are of highest standards and her service is wonderful. Our package was for Spires School Room, more beautiful lesson books which we fill up so quickly, and some wonderful Stockmar Stick Crayons. These crayons are heavenly to use, they glide over the page, and their colours are lovely and true. Within minutes my Princess was sitting down, drawing a picture, they truly are a delight.

As I was looking at the brochure which came with the crayons I notice an article about the bees which, was quite alarming.

 "Many things we take for granted are in the process of disappearing from the face of the earth. Even the bee, that carries out such an important task- one essential to life from our point of view - is an endangered species!

When you take a bite of an apple, does it occur to you that bees have to pollinate the apple blossom to enable apples to grow at all? The honey bee acts as a pollinating agent for up to 80% of our domestic fruit trees, the remainder being served by wild bees and other insects. And yet half the species of the wild bee have already disappeared - the loss being particularly marked in intensively cultivated areas. Here the honeybee has to fill in the gap, by pollinating wild flowers as well if possible. If it is to be able to do this, it depends on the help and the care of beekeepers, the numbers of whom are steadily declining.

If we want to go on eating domestically grown fruit, we must all help to protect and encourage the honeybee and give it a viable future."

Everything has an important part to play in creation, it may seem only small but everything has a place, a job, a task to do, and this can only can be done by you.


Michelle said...

oh that last line... I have so much to do...

Amelia said...

my dad told me this same sad fact about bees recently too. Myabe some art work is in order to help address this . . . . . thank you for your positive comments on my blog :)


Foxglove Spires said...

Amelia, some art work addressing this sounds like a good idea, I'll have a think to see what I could do, If you have any thoughts I'd love to hear them.

Beth said...

I simply love reading your blog and all the delightful pictures that you use so appropriately. It makes me want to step right on in and simply have a look around as one would peering back in time. Thank you for taking me on your journey.

Your Princess must be such a delight. I have 3 of my very own Princess. Ofcourse 2 of them have fully grown now and I am enjoying the pleasure of having my very on Princess Granddaughter to cherish and nuture.


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