Pearls of the Heart

The Blue Bird

The old garden had seen better days, now it looked desolate and forsaken nearly on the edge of no return far from its former glory, and the inhabitants of this once tranquil and divine garden had all disappeared, all that was but for one little blue bird.

Blue Bird stayed in the garden through the changing seasons singing songs of happiness. Her heart was full of beauty even though around her was not a reflection of what was within. The other birds who would at times fly overhead would call to her in smug tones. The blue bird though a little saddened would cast her mind to things she could be happy about. She would sit in the sun and enjoy its warmth or fly to the pond to take a cool bath, little things she would be thankful for. But sometimes her mind would return to the time when the garden was like Eden. The lady of the house would always be out tending the garden and caring for the inhabitants. That was before she lost her beloved daughter and husband. The apple of her eye was gone now and the music of her ears had disappeared. She was now blind and deaf to the world where she lived.

The lady of the house only walked in the motions of her life just existing. The blue bird continued on with her songs of beauty, until the coldest winter day arrive and blue bird thought she could no longer go on, but she sang a new song of hope to try and help her spirits. It was with this melody that the lady looked up to the ancient tree standing in the middle of the garden and she heard for the first time the song, the song of hope and then she saw the little blue bird. The lady rushed away and very shortly returned with a plate laden with bread. The blue bird flew from her perch over to the lady were she was invited to eat.

Oh what a most delicious meal she had and to say thank you she sang the song of hope once more.
From then on every day the lady would bring the blue bird delicious meals, and she even gave her a little home to live in, snug and warm through the winter.

Over time with tender care given  the winter in the garden began to fade and the days of spring were welcomed in. The old inhabitants of the garden started to return, followed with new ones. The garden blossomed once more, life returned and the lady grew happier in each and every marvel she uncovered in the garden. The garden was like Eden to all those who lived in its borders, they didn't need to fear anything for they were safe and secure once more. To the great surprise of the blue bird many of the birds who use to mock her came to live in Eden and the blue bird was treated like a queen.
Ruth McCarthy

What things make you heart sing today?

I have just been approved for 2 years registration for Home Schooling from the Board of Studies in NSW, which is the maximum amount of time. This has been my first time applying for Home Schooling registration so as you can imagine I was nervous, however I didn't need to be as all went so wonderfully well.

This is something my heart is singing about!!!


Michelle said...

Congratulations on the homeschooling approval.
Beautiful post :)

Anonymous said...

I love The Bluebird post. You should have a book published with all of your short stories and poems, they are so wonderfully written.
Congrats on the Hoomschooling Approval!
(I'll have to sign up here very soon with blogspot, so I can link to you!)

Becky said...

What a beautiful little story. Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to looking around in yours as I find the time.

Foxglove Spires said...

Thank you Michelle, Naomi and Becky. I am so happy I have received a wonderful homeschooling approval and I'm glad you liked my story.

Naomi it will be wonderful to link with you when you join, I am looking forward to visiting your blog.

Becky thank you for visiting and taking the time leave a lovely comment, I hope you enjoy looking around my blog.

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