It was the perfect weather for a trip to the nursery searching for Bee loving plants. Oh, what a delight when we arrived to find so many bees buzzing around the gorgeous flowers which were in bloom. There was a particular bee which kept circling around the centre of the flowers covered in pollen. He even had to occasionaly stop to shake himself, which was so amusing. Final when he stopped we could see balls of pollen attached to his legs, then suddenly he was off heading for some more brightly coloured flowers. It was such an endearing sight to behold which we were very fortunate to see, but we would of missed it if we didn't take the time to stop just for a while to watch.

After seeing how much this funny little bee loved this poppy we just had to buy one, but first we made sure to pick one just ready to unfold and bloom so we too could watch the buzzing bees at Blossom Corner hopefully delighting themselves with the beautiful pollen.

After searching the nursery for any new delightful finds and getting Sofia's face painted, we settled with two lovely pots of Lavender and the one bee loving yellow poppy.

Do you think the bees will love our new additions to Blossom Corner?

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