Scrumptious Delights

The Tea Party
A little tea party,
what a delight,
nothing is better to add some light
on a cold winters day, so gray and dark
host a tea party
let a little light shine bright
by Ruth McCarthy

At scrumptious corner we are hosting a tea party today. We have set the table with the prettiest tea set,found the perfect flowers to add some colour, and now for the delights. Cookies, pink cupcakes, little sandwiches filled with cheese and tomatoes, strawberries with chocolate sauce. A pot of warm tea, milk with sprinkles or pink lemonade if you prefer. Oh and I can't forget, chocolate delight and ice cream.

Now everything is ready the guest have arrive lets sit and enjoy the scrumptious delights.

What are your favourite tea party delights?

1 comment:

Beth said...

My special delights are My special circle of friends. Without them those special delights would only be delights.

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