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Good Morning, It's me Sofia and I have been having a wonderful time in the Secret Garden with my friends. I have another  story for you written by me a Princess.......

The Bilby, Fox and Mia

The bilby went to the big thick forest and a fox came. He was very nice and the fox was wearing gloves on his paws, foxgloves.  They became friends.They play all day  into the evening. They slept in a old hollow tree together.

 That night a little puppy called Mia came and asked if she could stay with Fox and Bilby. They all became the best of friends, and live happily ever after, best friends forever.    


Did you like that story? It's one of my favourites, oh... actually I love all my stories.
 Bye Bye for now i must go back to the Secret Garden. I'll be back next Tuesday. Have a lovely week.


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Foxglove Spires said...

Princess Sofia says, Thank you Michelle!

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