Spires School Room

In Spires Schoolroom we had a wonderful first week back for the term. Completing our journey through adventurous letters with the King, Queen, Prince and the Wise Women along with reading, writing words and descriptive sentences. Its so amazing to watch my Princess as she begins her journey into the unknown and new world of the written words, taking delight in the beauty found in language.

We have enjoyed our quiet cosy times revisiting some old and favourite friends from The Book Nook, learning how to play simple songs on the recorder and the keyboard. And I must not forget the party we held for some special teddies. Where the tables were set and decorated while a cake and brownies were baked. Then at the appointed time we all had a feast for the birthday celebrations with a live performance from a Princess as the entertainment. It was a very successful celebration.

With this amazingly beautiful winter weather we also frolicked at the park, playing and exploring. During our explorations we were fortunate to see three wild kangaroos! It delighted us immensely. Ending this perfect week we set out on a journey to the rose garden for coffee and ice cream, playing with Peper the dog and collecting stunning flowers to decorate our Spires.It was a lovely week and a most enjoyable start to the term.  

Pepper the dog a new friend


Jo Princess Warrior said...

What a great week! xo

Foxglove Spires said...

It was Jo, I was so delighted the week turned out so well, I couldn't of asked for anything more.

Have a wonderful week.

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