To Market, To Market

It was market day today , we braced ourselves for the cold winter winds, which tried to icily blow through us, instead of going around us. When we were rugged up with our coats and scarf's off we set....

 At the markets there was a hum of the busy bustling crowds all looking for the freshest delights, the sounds of the string instruments carried on the winds turned and flew in all directions, lightening the steps of all who would hear. We searched and found all that we needed, the colours so vibrant, all brought from the farmers themselves, some of the vegetables and fruit had been picked in the morning. We wondered about until everything had been brought, gathered all our belongings and heading of once again until the flowers were spotted, and  two more were brought home to live in the front flower beds with their friends.

Market day is a delight for my daughter. She loves going and buying the produce from the farmers themselves, its a time when we can talk about were the fruit, vegetables and meat comes from. It is so much better than going into the supermarkets were everything is in packages or has been frozen for many months.  The taste of the produce as well is amazingly different, its superb, once you have tasted it, you wont want to eat anything else.  We are so fortunate to have a number of farmers markets around which we visit frequently, it connects us in a little way to how things use to be. 

What are your delights of farmers markets?


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Amelia said...

thank you so much for stopping by and your lovely comment :) My farmers market dekight (when I get there!) is fresh bread, cheese and other foods . . . .


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