Were have all the nice people gone?

Over the last couple of days I have been wondering where have all the nice people in the world gone?  I don't know if it is just me but lately there just seams to be so many people mainly interested in themselves, what they are doing, were they are going, and what they know or who they know,  who is the best or worst  and the list goes on and on.  Is the art of true friendship, courtesy, kindness and simple values slipping away? Is it a practise that is sneaking into every area of life, at the shops, on the internet or anywhere there are people? 

These questions were swirling through my mined and seeping into my heart which cause a slight heaviness and sadness. I am fortunate to have a few very close and cherished friends whom I spoke to, and together we took some time out of our day and travelled to the mountains, and here we simple enjoyed each others company sitting and chatting over lunch in the glorious rose gardens.

My soul was nourished with the company and the beauty of the nature, the glorious flowers in bloom and the songs of hope from the birds who dived and played on the currents of the wind. I later took a short stroll with my precious daughter just enjoying each others company, simple delights which gladdened my soul. These are the things I long for, these are the things which are truly important and this is what helped me to remember what it is that I value. Even if the majority of the world may lead in one directions it doesn't mean it is right and even if I may seam different and not able to find a place that fits, I am me. Taking a trip to the mountains has given me a better perspective of life, values and the most important things. 

My heart still is a little saddened and I will not be able to ever understand why people would delight in the bad in the unpleasant or unkind and why it is so hard to be nice. These things I know I can not change but I will try not to lose sight of what is important and of value to me.



FireLight said...

I certainly don't have an answer, just an observation. One aspect of blogging which is quite wonderful, is finding people like you! My priest refers to the "death of civilty" because no one seems to care about anyone else--no manners, no kindness, no caring. Imagine just treating one another with great and careful courtesy -- the consistent practice of the Golden Rule at its most GOLDEN level. I too, often wonder how different the world would be if every person could accomplish this goal.

Foxglove Spires said...

Perfectly said FireLight, I am very thankful that you found my blog. It is such a blessing to communicate with people like you, Thank you.

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