Abundant Blessings

The hustle and bustle of the terminal,

The crowds of people rushing here and rushing there,

The hullabaloo,  

The crashes, 

The clangs,

All mingle within to cause the senses to react,

But wait just a moment,

There in the distance is a form,  

A face,  

A person,

The world suddenly stops in time,

The noise disappears,

All I see is My Nan,

My friend, 

The one I have longed to hug,

I run like the wind and feel my feet almost touch the air,

Into the arms of my precious Nan,

Into the arms of Love.

Today within Foxglove Spires there has been great anticipation to welcome home our Nan from her holidays.  It has only been for one week, but it has felt much longer especial for one Princess. We are so blessed to have my mum with us all the time, and this I treasure with my whole heart. I never knew any of my grand parents  so knowing what it is like to be without grand parents I treasure the special relationship my Mum has with my daughter.

I have a beautiful circle of friends which are also my family, I love them dearly and hold them close to my heart. I am truly blessed abundantly.

I am also blessed by you my special followers of Foxglove Spires I treasure and thank you for being apart of my journeys, leaving beautiful and encouraging comments and for letting me be apart of your journeys.

What blessings fill your life today?


Connie Arnold said...

What a joy to be wrapped in the arms of love! I know you will treasure this special time. Your pictures are so sweet!

Foxglove Spires said...

Thank you Connie, we did treasure this special time and my Princess was overjoyed.

Becky said...

I know your little girl enjoyed it. My girls love spending time with my mom.

Amy said...

Each day is filled with blessing - we just have to take the time to stop and notice it, and enjoy it!

Enjoy your day.

Foxglove Spires said...

Becky, there is no one like your own mum. They are truly a blessing.

Thank you Amy, this is so very true.

Anonymous said...

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