Blossom Corner

In Blossom Corner one bright morning just after a night of beautiful rain my little princess and myself looked outside to behold our beloved black bird who had returned to the garden. He was pecking at a worm which had emerged from deep underground through the night. We called a good morning to him as he quickly gathered the worm in his beak and flew into the old  wattle trees. A perfect way to start the day especial as this was the day we had planed to go in search of birds nest.

We did find four different types of nest in Blossom Corner unfortunately there were not currently homes for any of our special bird. Sofia however carefully observed the nests, looked at how she thought they might make them, what types of materials they used and where they were positioned in the trees.  After returning to Spires school room we made some models of the nest and drew some pictures of the birds she has seen through the winters months and some of the different types of nests in her natural science book. The joys and wonders of discoveries found in nature

Another wonderful discovery came from the winter caterpillar which started spinning  her chrysalis. Its amazing to watch this transformation. They have so many changes to go through in one small lifetime as they grow, shedding their skin, to spinning a chrysalis where they undergo a complete transformation into the exquisite butterfly.  I suppose it is a bit like our lives.  When we look back at the difficult things we have gone through or have had to face they cause us to grow and to change. Sometimes it feels like we are forever having to face changes and challenges and at other times we can relax and enjoy the wonders of life.  In the end though, through all of the changes and challenges which take place we become transform into the exquisite creation we were all meant to be.


Becky said...

Beautiful thoughts.

Foxglove Spires said...

Thank you Becky.

Beth said...

Ruth, your are an exquisite creation and I am very proud and honoured to your mother. I love you so much. I absolutely love reading your little nooks at Foxglove Spires. They are just beautifully inspired by a specially gifted women. Truly you are precious. Out of the abundance of your heart comes the issue of your thoughts. Thank you. Your mum xxxxx

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