The Chocolate Lounge

Taking the time to spend with friends and family who are special to us, helps to brighten our day, a ray of light when we are feeling sad or disheartened.

The other day, once a little Princess had dressed up we journeyed from Foxglove Spires to a wonderful cafe or should I say Chocolate lounge.  Everything imaginable with chocolate is found here. The smell of perfect Belgium chocolate fills the air while oversizes seats welcome you to sit and relax for a while. I personally don't eat chocolate but fortunately the cappuccino's are divine so smooth and rich like liquid gold. My little Princess who adores chocolate (fortunately only in smallish amounts) had the sweetest strawberries and marshmallow skewers accompanied with a chocolate dipping sauce which she shared with her Auntie.

If you can manage after the chocolate feast there are mugs of hot-chocolate served warmed over a candlelit burner, for you to take you time with drinking the delights.

The time spent with loved ones is so beautiful talking and laughing and just being together. Next time my Princess has said she would love to try the seasonal fruits with a chocolate fondue, maybe when Nan comes she declared.

 All the other chocolate treats like pancakes, waffles and croissants look delectable, the drinks are delicious, very wonderfully crafted but the best things are the people who share these delights with us without them they wouldn't taste as nice.


Becky said...

It sounds as though you had a lovely time. It's a good thing my girls don't know places like that exsist. :)

Foxglove Spires said...

Becky we did have a delightful time. Girls seam to love places like this, dressing up and going out especial my daughter but she is also just as happy gardening and digging in the dirt, so that is wonderful.

Amanda said...

I see your blog name at a lot of blogs I visit, so I thought it was time I came over and said "hello!"

The chocolate cafe sounds right up my alley lol. What a lovely day you shared with family and your little Princess. Treasured memories are made by such occasions.

You have beautiful pictures on your blog and an enjoyable, smooth writing style! I enjoyed my visit, thank you so much!

Foxglove Spires said...

Thank you for visiting Amanda and leaving a lovely comment I'm glad you enjoyed your visit and I'll take a trip to visit your blog very soon..

Nan said...

Ooh lala!!! that Chocolate Lounge is just divine my Princess. I cant wait to accompany you and your mummy on your next outing.

Princess Sofia said...

Nan, I adore for you to accompany us on our next outing.

Jeanne said...

A mummy/daughter date at a Chocolate Lounge. Perfect!

Foxglove Spires said...

Jeanne it was perfect, delicious!

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