A friend for always

To have a puppy to love is such a special gift, a friend that will always stay true. 

One that will journey with you on adventures and not tell a soul about your secrets.

They will eat the food you don't want to eat.

 Share everything with you.

They will learn all you know. 

 Console you while no one knows.

They will let you cuddle them and fall asleep by their side, a true companion a friend to the end. 

No matter were you travel or who you become they a there by your side.

At Foxglove Spires there a three most adorable dogs who share their life with us, two are Papillons, Mac and Mia and one is a puppy Toy Poodle called Fluffy.  They are full of adventures and its amazing to watch their antics, sometimes you think they could be human.  Some of the things which I think are remarkable about our beautiful companions is their amazing way of  loving, if you hurt yourself they run to your side, if you are sick they will be very well behaved and quiet all day. They don't hold grudges or judge they simple want to please, to make you happy and be near you.

They are remarkable and truly they are a best friend to those who love them.


Amanda said...

This is such a beautiful post! How amazing, the things you said... and I hadn't yet read this post!! I am truly amazed lol!

Gorgeous pictures completed the beautiful message.

I love the toy poodle pictures!

Amanda said...

ps. the part where you said if you hurt yourself, they run to your side... that is exactly the same thing I mentioned in my post also! This has really blessed me tonight. I am glad I came by...

Foxglove Spires said...

Amanda, that is exactly what I thought, it is truly amazing! I'm glad you visited.

The toy poodle is my little Princesses puppy she is 12 weeks old, full of fun!

Jeanne said...

I love your art illustrations. Jemimah is desperate for a puppy, but we are telling her she needs to wain until our ancient toy poodle Audrey passes first. Auddie does for me all that you've described and more. She is such a valued member of our family.

Foxglove Spires said...

Jeanne, puppies are so sweet, and I agree a dog is a valued member of a family. Sofia was so surprised when she got Fluffy for her birthday she thought it would be years before she was able to have one.

Your Audrey sounds very special. Thank you for visiting today.

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