Pearls of Wisdom

Delight in the simple pleasure of life,

They are fleeting,

Hold them within open hands,

Cherish them within your heart,

Do not be scared to let them fly,

Let them soar,

To touch the sky,

Before they may return,

Once more.

This week I delighted with my daughter as she danced in the rain, cooked in the kitchen of Scrumptious Corner and celebrated her birthday.

What things did you delight in this week?


Becky said...

Oh, I'll bet she had a great time dancing in the rain. Mine love to go out and do that.

Ganeida said...

We celebrated a birthday this week too. My beautiful youngest daughter turned 15. 15! It's scary how fast the time flies.

Ruby said...

Those are delightful things for a little girl to do! I delighted in all of my children and grandchildren and to actually be able to see well enough to hold my bible and read it!
Love these gorgeous pictures in your post.

Beth said...

I also delighted in celebrating by granddaughters birthday. We actually make a whole week of celebrations. We finished the week with a scrumptious delight. You'll never guess what my princess had. A mug full of hot chocolate over a candle lit warming pot with a side order of strawberries and marshmellows dipped in guess what?, yes, warm mild chocolate. A wonderful finish to a beautiful week of celebration. And I spent the afternoon playing maids and servants to her mum and aunt who happened to be Princesses for a day, doing puzzles on the floor, playing with her Sylvanian families. Let me suggest to all you grandparents out there, take the time to spend time with your grandchildren. You will never again get the chance again once that time has gone. Thank you for you pearls of wisdom Ruth.

Foxglove Spires said...

Becky my daughter had a wonderful time dancing in the rain, the perfect rainy day delights.

Ganeida happy birthday for your daughter, hope you had a wonderful celebration. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment.

Beth a week of celebrations is positively perfect, I like the sound of your scrumptious delights and such a wonderful way to delight in spending time with your granddaughter, memories to cherish.

Ruby it must be wonderful to be able to see so much better now and to delight in your children and grandchildren is such a blessing.

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