Pearls of Wisdom

There is no greater joy than in giving,

And when something is given to you,

Receiving with total and complete appreciation,

With our hands open, 

Our hearts gladdened,

Our days made happy,

By one act of kindness.

Last week one day before my beautiful princess Birthday my mother, sister, daughter and myself journeyed to a dear little cafe and gift shop for a evening cappuccino and mocktail. Not long after we arrived my little Princess stood up and with a twinkle in her eye led her Nan to the gift shop.  I wondered what they we were up to as they were lingering for quiet some time within the shop.  At last they reappeared with packages in their hands. One little Princess was so excited she was almost dancing as she approached the table. "Open your hands mummy she said and make sure you close your eyes." After I obeyed her request a parcel was laid in my hands, a beautiful box, and inside lay a charming little sea horse, "Mummy I know you like sea horses so I brought you one" she declared, "I used my money to by it for you."

She had use quiet a bit of her own birthday money to buy a present for me. My first reaction was to say that she should have used the money for something for herself, but after letting half of these words slip out of my mouth I realised that all I needed to do was to say Thank you, hug her and cherish this most beautiful gift.

I was very spoilt that night, my mother had also brought me some jewellery and my sister received a gift as well, what a blessing we received and it wasn't our birthdays.

Do you find it hard to receive gifts?


Becky said...

Sometimes yes. Especially from my children if it's something they've spent their own money on. It's a battle within myself, and you're right; sometimes we just need to smile, give a hug and say, "Thank you!".

Foxglove Spires said...

Becky, I am glad I'm not the only person who finds this difficult but I do remember when I was little I loved giving gifts and how I delighted in being able to do it. It would have saddened my heart greatly if I was stopped, so I try to keep this in mind whenever I am finding it difficult.

Connie Arnold said...

That is so sweet! I'm much better at giving than receiving gifts. It's good to remember our own joy in giving to others and accept the gifts given in a similar way with gratitude. Acts of kindness like that of your little Princess really do gladden the heart and make the day brighter!

Foxglove Spires said...

Connie, I must agree with you, acts of kindness brighten the day they truly are amazing.

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