Today at Foxglove Spires the weather was so very windy and after a couple of days of rain we headed outside to frolic in the last days of the winters reign.  The birds were singing there merry songs and the wind was rusteling the leaves of the trees which created a rhythm of music all of its own. It was refreshing to feel the soft gently rays of sun accompanied by the wind blowing upon our faces. We dances with the wind and blew bubbles for quiet some time, then I noticed the rainbow which was reflected from each of these bubbles accompanied on closer inspection by a reflection of ones self.

 I though how amazing, could the reflection of the rainbow be found in you?


Jo Princess Warrior said...

Hello my friend!*sigh* I really do enjoy coming here. Such a serenity about the place. Great reflection. xo

Foxglove Spires said...

Jo, Thank you so very much for your kind words they have made my heart sing.

Connie Arnold said...

What a beautiful post that brings joy and delights the senses! You have a wonderful blog. I'm so glad you left a comment about my poems on My Book Bag. I tried to follow your blog, but it didn't work. I'll come back later and try again. Please visit my blog and read some more poems, if you'd like.

Foxglove Spires said...

Thank you Connie for visiting and the lovely comment. I am glad you enjoyed my post and I look forward to visiting your blog.

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