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Today I have a story for you about an owl and some possums. They live and play in the secret garden and I love them very much.

Once upon a time there was an owl who lived in a little tree and the possums loved to eat the leaves which came from this tree. One day Mother possum said to one of her babies "go and collect some leaves from the tree where the owl lives."

The Little possum went to the owl tree and said to Mrs Owl "can I have some of the leaves from your tree to take home for my mummy?"

Mrs Owl said, "hoot, hoot, of course you can."  She went flew up into the branches and collected some of the leaves and put them into a pile for Little possum to take to her mother.

"Thank you Mrs Owl" said Little possum as she gathered the leaves.

Her mother was very happy when she brought all the leaves home and said "thank you Little possum."

Then they had a wonderful feast.

Now I must go and play in the secret garden, I hope you all have a beautiful week and I'll write another story for you next week.
Love from a Princess, me, Sofia.

PS. See if you can see any owls or possums this week.


Sarsaparilla said...

What a lovely story Princess Sofia!

I always love a story that ends with a feast. Especially because I am very hungry right now - hungry enough to eat leaves!

I am looking forward to your next story. In the meantime, I will keep my eyes open for owls and possums.

Sofia said...

Thank you Sarsaparilla, I love feasts as well, especial midnight ones. You must be very hungry if could eat leaves, maybe they would taste okay I have never tried.

Happy hunting for owls and possums this week, Love Princess Sofia.

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