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Hello to everyone, I have had a lovely week in the secret garden I hope you have too. Today I have a wonderful story for you about a very special Pegasus pony and two rabbits from the Secret Garden.

The Pegasus pony flew around and around the sky, she couldn't talk because she had lost her voice.  On this particular day a little rabbit saw her and said " Oh dear look at that pony."

She ran to mother and said to her  "come, come"  
Her mother replied "what is it darling?"
"Come with me and I'll show you."

She took her mum to the Pegasus pony and asked what its name was?  The pony didn't answer it just shook it's head.
Mummy said "my name is Molly and the little one is Polly."
The pony still did not answer she just opened her mouth.
Written by Me a Princess, Sofia.

This is the first part of a wonderful story so join me next week as we venture through the forest in search of the lost voice, 
The lost voice of Love.

Until next week 
Love Princess Sofia


Amy said...

I read this lovely little story to my two little girls. They can't wait to find the lost voice next week!

Your most devoted follower-Nan said...

Oh you precious little princess. I just adore your story and I am eagerly waiting for your next episode on the "Lost voice of Love".

Princess Sofia said...

Thank you Amy, I am sooooooo happy your little girls liked my story.

Nan,thank you for adoring my story.

I will be back next week, thank you for writing to me, have a beautiful week.

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