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Hello everyone. I had an exciting week in the secret garden playing with my friends Did you have a good week?  Today I have the second part of my story to tell you.

The Lost Voice of Love

Molly, Polly and Pegasus went singing through the forest and this is the song they sang,
"Singing we are walking through the forest in the dark, dark woods.  
Singing we are walking through the forest in the dark, dark woods. 
We hear a splash and then we stop to listen."

This is when the trio stopped singing. They saw an enormous lake with a hippopotamus splashing about. They called out to the hippo "Please can we climb on your back so you can take us across to the other side?"
The Hippo said "ok" and he took them across.
Once they were across on dry land they all gasped "Oh there is another lake with a crocodile."

The crocodile called to them and said with a mischievous grin "Hop on board."
They climbed onto his back and suddenly he flicked his tail sending them flying through the air and landing into the water.
The Hippo came to the rescue, "hop onto my back I'll take you safely across" and he did take them safely across.

After such an adventure the Hippo took them to his cosy home in the forest. Just as they were all climbing of his back the little rabbit Polly squealed with delight "I found the heart on your back Hippo, The lost voice of Love."

Mummy picked up the heart and placed it on Pegasus chest. Pegasus said "I love you all my friends, thank you for helping me to find my lost voice."
Written by Me, a Princess, Sofia.

 Now we have found the Lost voice of Love join me next week as we go in search of the Lost voice of Songs where we will have to visit the Sand Man.

Thank you for reading my story, have a wonderful week and I'll write another story for you.
Until then,
Love Princess Sofia.  


Amanda said...

I have never seen such gorgeous pictures in my life. Never! And the story is very lovey, and well written Princess Sofia!

Ruby said...

Very sweet Sofia!

Princess Sofia said...

Thank you Amanda and Ruby, I'm very happy you liked my story and the pictures.

Nan said...

Oh Sofia,

Who would have thought that The Lost Voice of Love would have been found in such a place. And those pictures are adorable. I absolutely love, love, love your stories. Can't wait for the next episode.

Shop-FMSeymour said...

Hi Princess Sofia, I loved reading your story. It was lovely, I am looking forward to your next one. Thank you!

Princess Sofia said...

Nan I am happy you think my stories are adorable and I think you are too.

FMSeymour I love that you love my story thank you for reading.

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