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Good morning it me Sofia from the Secret Garden and as promised I have written another story.....

The Lost Voice of Song

Polly and Molly were putting their space suites on just before they climbed on board the rocket ship.  When they were settled, which took some time the space ship finally took off for the moon.  Meanwhile Pegasus flew to the moon by himself.

Molly and Polly saw Pegasus talking to an unusual fellow who was sprinkling sand on his friend the Moon Worm. Polly asked the Sand Man and Moon Worm if they had found the Lost Voice of Song?
The Sand Man said "I have some sand song." so he put the sand in his mouth and then began to sing, it worked !!  "He started singing Thanks allot, Thanks allot, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks."

So the rabbits Polly and Molly took the pot of sand that the Sand Man gave them and giving him a hug they said "Thank you" and then helped Pegasus to eat just enough sand from the pot so he would be able to sing again.  Oh how he sang, "Thanks allot, Thanks allot, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks."

They said good bye to the Sand Man and Moon Worm and promised to return once they had finished their journey to the mouse house.  The Sand Man said "do you know where to find  Miss Mouse?"
"No we are just following our hearts," they replied.
The Sand Man said he knew where to find Miss Mouse and told them the best route to take:

Through the land of the Memory Mole and continue through Fru Fru world, then go to the spotted Mouse House which is in the middle of Pink Land.  Miss Mouse has  pink dots on a red house with purple pansies, daisy's, azaleas and many flowers which the bee's love.  Press the door bell and Miss Mouse will look to see who is there through a telescope as she will be doing her Spring cleaning.

Polly,Molly and Pegasus thanked the Sand Man and Moon Worm and then they flew off to find the Memory Mole.
Written by Me a Princess, Sofia.

I will see you next week as we take a trip to see the Memory Mole in search of the Lost Voice of Thanks.
I must go back to The Secret Garden to play with my friends.
Have a wonderful week.
Love Princess Sofia.


Becky said...

What a cute story.

Princess Sofia said...

Thanks Becky, Thanks allot, Thanks allot, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks......
I love that you left me a message!

Just Be Real said...

Very sweet. I like the illustrations that accompany the story. Blessings.

Shop-FMSeymour said...

Sofia I love your story. That Sand Man sure was helpful. I look forward to your next story. :-)

Princess Sofia said...

Thank you, Just Be Real.

FMSeymour Thank you too.

Then next story will be exciting, see you soon......

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