Earlier in winter when the wind was much colder in Blossom Corner we found a squirming little green caterpillar sitting on the table.  We made a winter home for it in the critter cottage, place fresh juicy leaves inside and put it in a safe warm spot.  Daily we feed it fresh leaves and day by day it did grow until at last the appointed hour had come, the caterpillar started to spin its cocoon.

There it laid all snug and warm for the remainder of the months and then to my great surprise and delight of  my princess the caterpillar emerged as a moth.  At first we were a bit disappointed that it's transformation wasn't into a butterfly, but this did not last long, for who could when you realise you have just experienced a circle of life, a transformation from one  thing to another.  The moth was really quite pretty it had a scalloped crown upon its head and a clock which draped over its body with scalloped edges here too and white streaks upon its wings.  Once the transformation had been completed, the wings dried and perfect. We carried the cottage into Blossom corner and bid our friend good bye as we released it back once again to the place it originally came from.

Such joy  and marvel we discovered while observing the life of this caterpillar. It made me think about the winter months of my own life and how it can be dark and full of the unknown sometimes I have wanted to escape from the world and hide in a cocoon safe until I can copy with the challenges which have to be made, a time to reflect to grow and change until the appointed day when just like the caterpillar  I emerge on the other side maybe not in the way that I thought, but certainly in the way  and as the person I am meant to be. Still changing and growing and learning, learning to fly and to soar into the sky, reaching the dreams which I have dreamt or at least trying to.


Shop-FMSeymour said...

The process of a caterpillar and it's transformation into a butterfly, or moth is quite amazing isn't it? Interesting thought. To be wrapped in a cacoon for our winter months, and being able to emerge transformed to the person we were meant to be does sound appealing.

Paula said...

Hold my breath readin this. Yes, the circle of life, how we all are part of the universe and have our place and space, independently HOW we emerge.
Your wording is so very poignant as often I have an idea where and how I should become, yet the becoming is mostly very different.
Thanks for this beautiful share

Foxglove Spires said...

Thank you FMSeymour and Paula for such beautiful comments.

Mum said...

What a privelidge to observe such a transformation of a life. How often do we miss such transformation in our own lives, or even judge one another during the process, which seems to take a lifetime. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in such an open forum and not being afraid to put it out for there for every thinking person. I certainly will return.

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