The Dotted Mouse House

Hello it is Princess Sofia again from the Secret Garden
Thank you for coming with me to the dotted Mouse House
Hope you enjoy it .....

In the Dotted Mouse House Pinki was looking through her telescope when suddenly she turned and said 'Hello my friends,' to Pegasus, Polly and Molly who had all journeyed from Fru Fru Land, (which wasn't to far away.)

Pinki then said  'I have been waiting for you to come to visit me and I thought I should look through these jars to see if your voice was here, Pegasus.'
Unfortunately it wasn't, so Pinki told them how to go in search for Pegasus's Voice.

'Firstly go through Cupcake Mountain, through The Forest of Cherries, through Fairy Land, Horse Land and lastly to Hat Land......  Pinki explained.

So all of the three friends went up along the path at Cupcake Mountains and of-course ate some cake along the way. Through Cherry Woods, where they collected some of the delectable cherries in a basket. They all suddenly became very tired and had to stop for refreshments which just happened to be the Famous Cherry Drink!!!  They were so refreshed afterwards they decided to continue on their way  to Fairy Land, where they played Hide and seek with some of the fairies before moving on to Horse Land where as you might have guessed it, they played with the horses.After which they move on to Hat land and there they tried on many different styles of hats, colours and sizes.

The three friends were very tired by this stage and were about to find somewhere refreshing to sit down when suddenly their friend Pinki from The Spotted Mouse House appeared and said 'Surprise, I have a party for you!'

The Moon Worm jumped out first, then the Sand Man, Mr Mole with his Fairy Helper and all the other friends they had made along the way.  They had a wonderful party and near the end Pinke the Mouse handed Pegasus a lovely present.  Inside the box they searched and searched  but there was nothing there! Pegasus said 'I can't see a present in here?'  and Pinkie in return answered ' That is because your voice has been inside you all along !!!!!'

But along the way you have grown and changed a great deal and now you are YOU.
Written By Me a Princess, Sofia

This was the last story about Pegasus and his Lost Voice 
 next week I will write another adventure

Till then Love Princess Sofia.


CatherineLovesRoses said...

Dear Princess Sofia, what an amazing journey, would love to visit all these beautiful places with great friends like Pinki, Pegasus, Polly and Molly!
Thank you for another great and inspiring story to start the day!
Hope the strawberry plant and its friend African Violet are doing well.

Hugs&Kisses for you and your mum

Paula said...

I am going to read this to myself tonight as goodnight story!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Such a beautiful story, sweet friend. The images are heavenly, especially the first one and the last one. I'm dreaming away on that last pretty picture. I think it's not a punishment to read to our little ones, is it? Leafing through the beautiful books nowadays. Elsa Beskow is one of my favorites!
Hope you have had a delicious lunch. It's 9:50 hrs in the morning in my little corner of the world. My first cup of morning coffee was a good one, think I have to make another one right NOW ;)
Hugs and more hugs for a joy-filled day, my friend xoxoxoxo

Amanda said...

What a delightful story with such lovely pictures Princess Sofia... well done!

Bec said...

That is just hte sweetest stoy ever and I cant wait to tell it to my little ones tomorrow xx

Kiki said...

Yay..what a super gorgeous post..full of fun-spirited charm and beauty! I love Princess Sofia..what a little enchanter!! Thanks for taking me on a magical adventure!
Have a sparkling day!

Princess Sofia said...

CatherineLovesRoses, I am happy you came with me on the journey today!! The strawberry plant and African Violet are very happy, soon the berries will turn jucie and red, I think.

Hugs and kisses from both of us to you.xx

Paula, my mum has to read me a couple of books before I fall asleep too. I hope my story helped you to sleep and have lovely dreams. xx

Saskia, I love Elsa Beskow books as well, I pretend I'm one of the rabbit children from one of her stories. Enjoy your coffee!!!!!! and have a lovely day. xx

Thank you Amada I love these stories too!!!!!! It's fun to write them.

Thank you Bec, I hope your little one LOVE it !!!!!!!! xx

Victoria, I love your name and I am happy you came on my magical adventure today with me. Have a wonderful and fun day. xx

I am so very, very happy you all LOVE my stories. Have beautiful day!!!!

Love from Me, a Princess Sofia. xx

Shop-FMSeymour said...

Princess Sofia, what a lovely ending to your series of short stories. I loved it!! You are extremely creative Princess :-)
I'll be back for your new adventures. Have a lovely week Princess xx 00

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