Flowers are in Bloom

At Foxglove Spires it is such a beautiful Spring day.  The sun is shining, the air is warm and the birds are flying around in search of  items for there nests.  I can almost smell jasmine in the air which always reminds me of Spring days when I was little.

The First Blossoms on the Apricot Tree

Spring is coming, Spring is coming
Birdies build you nest!
Weave together straw and feather
Doing each your best 

Spring is coming, Spring is coming
Flowers are coming too.
Pansies, lilies, daffodil's
Now are coming through!

Spring is coming, Spring is coming
All around is fair.
Shimmer,quiver on the river,
Spring is everywhere!

This is our Spring Song for this season  and as we wonder and explore the garden in Blossom Corner we delight in the beautiful morning air.  May your day be filled with many delights of the beautiful seasons.
Spring or Autumn they are both filled with many treasures waiting to be found!


Amanda said...

All the photos are lovely, but I really loved the 2nd last picture! That orange is gorgeous! What type of plant is it?

Raining here today. How unusual lol.

Ruby said...

You have glorious colours in your spring blossoms.... gorgeous!!! I have mainly greenery but I love to enjoy the colours of my neighbours yard. Raining here too but beautiful no less....and getting green, which is so refreshing.

Michelle said...

so so pretty!!
that first pic is so lovely it looks fake!!

Foxglove Spires said...

Amanda, the orange flowering plant is a succulent, Mesembryanthemum Species or commonly known as 'Pig Face" it is gorgeous isn't it.

Thank you Ruby, I never tier of the beautiful shades of green especially after the rain.

Michelle, the first photo is of a real plant but they don't look real do they, its quiet amazing. The colours and flowers of Spring are just beautiful.

Becky said...

Those flowers are beautiful. I love flowers. We're just getting into fall and the nights are getting a little chilly. Just about the only things that will be much in bloom now will be mums and pansys.
What is the name of the first flower. It's very striking.

Foxglove Spires said...

Becky I have tried to find out what the name of the first flowers is but it was given to my Mum by a friend and we don't know what it is called. My Mum is a good gardener she is the one who is teaching me and my daughter about these beautiful flowers. I will keep try to find out the name and If I can find it I will let you know.

Pansy's are such beautiful flowers, one of the many favourite flowers that I love. When I was little this was the first flower I picked from a garden, sweet memories.

Amanda said...

Pig face? Charming! LOL

Foxglove Spires said...

Exactly what I thought when I found out Amanda, I had to ask twice just to make sure I had heard correctly!

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