Is more important

Than Wisdom,

And the recognition

Of this

Is the beginning

Of Wisdom
Theodore Isaac Rubin

Many people strive after Knowledge and Wisdom but overlook the small acts of Kindness, a smile to a little child a Thank you to stranger or a Kind word to a loved one. In doing these things we are actually displaying Wisdom and bringing Joy to the heart of others and of our own.

May your day filled with Kindness and Joy.


Ganeida said...

That is very profound. The small kindnesses can make such a difference to another's day & oil interactions with others so they go more smoothly. ☺

Amanda said...

This is beautiful... just yesterday, the Lord was leading me to do some 'random acts of kindness' here and there throughout my day. I say 'random' because I did a couple of little things I wouldn't normally think to do.

karen said...

how incredibly true! what a lovely post

Foxglove Spires said...

Thank you Ganeida for stopping by, isn't it amazing what Kindness can do.

That's wonderful Amanda 'random acts of kindness'.

Karen thank you for visiting and leaving a lovely comment.

Amanda said...

Such thoughtful words on your beautiful blog.

Foxglove Spires said...

Thank you Amanda for visiting and your lovely comment.

Paula said...

So very true. Having the hardest time however to be kind to myself! Thanks for remidning me where the focus has to be. Hugs across the pond

Foxglove Spires said...

Paula, remember you are so very special!
Hugs to you sent from across the way.

Jessie said...

It's so strange! I made a little painting yesterday about kindness and I keep coming across the same theme again and again today! Maybe there's a message for me? ;o)This is a gorgeous image and a beautiful sentiment, thankyou for sharing. :) xx

Beth said...

Could not have said it better. There is nothing wrong in gaining understanding and hopefully with it some wisdom. But, what's the use of all that knowledge without kindness and caring. Ive been reading some very interesting books lately on subjects I was never given the opportunity to explore in my earlier years and have been quite taken aback and at the same time excited to learn new things. But it should never take the place of fundamental way we should relate to each other in a loving and caring manner. I just love your blogspot

Foxglove Spires said...

Jessie, that is so amazing!! I had originally planed to post something different, but I felt that I should post this one on Kindness instead, I am glad I did!

Thanks for stopping by xx.

Foxglove Spires said...

Beth, perfectly said. I am so glad you are now able to explore different subjects and gain understanding on things which interest you. I think it opens our eyes and give us new insight which is a very good thing.

It makes my heart very happy to know that you love my blog, Thank you.

The Unknowngnome said...

May your day also be filled with joy and happiness. :-)

Foxglove Spires said...

Unknowngnome, thank you for visiting and joining my blog, may you have a truly wonderful day.

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