The Lady Beetles Adventure

It was a beautiful day in the Rose garden and Mother lady beetle was Spring cleaning the roses, while the two little beetles played happily amongst the grass.  After some time the older beetle asked his mummy if they could go exploring out into the wide, wide world.  Mother lady beetle was ever so busy so she told them if they remember all of the wise words they had been taught, and would promise to be home before tea,  they could.

So of went the two little beetles into the wide, wide world.  At first they walked very quietly and carefully and before long they were dancing and chattering in the bright sunshine as if they had always gone exploring by themselves.  They were have so much fun until they suddenly came to a stop.  There before them was a shimmery, glistening roundish thing. 

'What is this!' the littlest beetle exclaimed.
'I have never seen anything like it before', said his brother.
Carefully the two little beetles stretched their heads over the top of the shimmery thing and that's when the littlest beetle started to cry and cry, 'I'm trapped, I'm trapped,' he kept shouting over and over between the sobs of fright.

With all this commotion going on a young mother dragonfly flew by to see if everything was okay and as soon as she saw the two beetles she flew down to see if she could help.

'I'm trapped, I'm trapped,' the littlest beetle kept on saying
So once the Young Dragonfly could calm the beetles down she said to them, 'There is nothing that can trap you and keep you from where you need to go, only if you let it.  This is a pond you are looking in, and it only shows you a reflection of what you see.  Never let the fear of the unknown stop you my little beetles.'

Ms Dragonfly took each one in her arms and gave them a hug, 'now my little beetles hop onto my back and I will fly you home to your mother I'm sure she will be waiting for you.'

So Mrs Dragonfly flew them across the garden to the Rose bushes, and sure enough their Mother was waiting for them with a lovely picnic spread out with delicious food under the shade of their beloved roses.

Mrs Dragonfly stayed for tea while the little beetles told their Mother all about their adventure.
(c)Ruth McCarthy 2010

Princess Sofia is having a holiday for two weeks so she will not be visiting us from The Secret Garden but she says Hello to everyone and wishes you all a happy week, and when she returns she will have some wonderful stories to tell.

Until then I hope you enjoy my stories. 

Have a beautiful adventure today.


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Ooooh, have a happy happy week to, hope it will be a fairytale-filled one! xxxx

Jacqui said...

i have just been reading a fairy story to my son before he went to bed. I love the happy feeling these tales leave, so it was nice to log on and read your lovely story. xx

Jana Hrubá said...

beautiful! thank you!

Anakonda61 said...

Hello dear ...qué bonitoooooo!! I like these colors ... these photos... aiiinnssss!, baby you're magical! ... I will give you a little gift "poisoned" ... jajaja! is the Game 4, if you go through http://www.lamano-invisible.net, see the post explaining what it is ... I'm not much given to follow but I thought strings fun and blogger who has passed me a Crack ... super-fun !!!... I could not refuse ... Hey you know you deeply appreciate your support ... Kisses in abundance...y perdona mi fatal inglés...jajaja!!!

Jo said...

What a beautiful photo of the lady bird ( one of the wonderful ceature made by God) . Have a lovely week.

Shop-FMSeymour said...

I love your story. So true, and your pictures are amazing, as alway!! I'm sure Princess is enjoying her 2 weeks of holidays :-) and am looking forward to more of her adventures when she returns. But,I love to hear your stories too. Thank you!

Paula said...

Wonderful fairie week! Weaver of magic moments! Thanks for your kindness and care. I am fine and home! Love from my heart to yours

Maxabella said...

I read this story to my children as their bedtime story. "Again, mumma, again!" they said. Beautiful. x

Foxglove Spires said...

Saskia my friend thank you, a fairytale filled one sounds wonderful. xxx

Jacqui I read my daughter a fairy story tonight as well, these are her favourite!!
I am so happy you enjoyed my story. xxx

Thank you Jana. xxx

Sweet Anakonda, thank you so much and for this game, I'll have a look at it tomorrow when I have some time..... Kisses and hugs to you. xxx

Jo,I love this photo too, Lady beetles are gorgeous!!!

Thank you so much beautiful FMSeymour,
My princess is having a wonderful holiday and she will have some wonderful adventures to write about. xxx

Dear Paula, thank you soo much, it is wonderful to here from you!! I am so very happy everything went well and that you are at home now... I hope your recovery is quick and smooth.
With huges and kisses. xxx

Maxabella, thank you for visiting my blog tonight and leaving a lovely comment. I am so delighted your children loved my story. xxx

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