Pumpkin Soup

We are heading into Spring at Foxglove Spires, but during this week the weather turned cold and grey and as we had one last pumpkin left we decided to make Pumpkin Soup to farewell Winter.

A pip-kin of pepper

We roasted half a  pumpkin in the oven for about one hour
Sliced and diced the carrots and potatoes. (two carrots and 2 potatoes)
Diced the pumpkin
Popped them all in the pot filled with one litre of chicken stock
Simmered for 45minutes
Added a pinch of salt, pip-kin of pepper and some sprigs of chives.
Blended till smooth and velvety
Served in a warm bowl with fresh crusty bread.

Tasted delicious, perfect for a day covered with grey clouds


Amanda said...

That sounds very similiar to the pumpkin soup we make here... it is a favourite in our home!

Ganeida said...

Pumpkin soup is my very favourite. I often add onion & bacon to ours for that little bit of extra flavour. ☺ mmmmm

Amelia said...

wow - beautiful painting too, is it one of yours?

Thanks for visiting and the nice comment :) It's fascinating to hear how others work. I wanted to share before the experimental art e-course starts next week. Sometimes I work differently too.

Your pumpkin soup sounds yum, it is rain here as we head into the Autumn months . . .


karen said...

It certanly doesnt seem like spring quite yet (as we made our spring sunflower sun catchers the other day it was actually pouring down with rain outside lol:) a little more pumpkin soup weather this weekend where we are:) I like the sound of roasted pumpkin in your soup, yum!

Beth said...

A pip-kin of pepper, Oh how cute. Just love it.

Foxglove Spires said...

Amanda, there is nothing like pumpkin soup, my mum taught me and now in turn I cook this with my Princess, its wonderful.

Ganeida, adding bacon and onion sounds delicious a wonderful idea for a difference, I will have to try this, thank you.

Amelia, unfortunately this is not one one of my paintings but it is beautiful, perfect for this post!

Your experimental art e-course sounds wonderful, when I can possibly find so more time I would love to do it! I hope it all goes wonderfully well xx

Karen, I hope you enjoy this pumpkin soup weather, and roasted pumpkin is delicious! I loved your sun catches they are all ready for when the spring sun shines through...

Thank you Beth, I just love the sound of a pip-kin of pepper.

Becky said...

That sounds delicious. I can't wait for pumpkins to come into season.

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