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Hello it is Tuesday again and I have come from the Secret Garden to tell you the next part of my story
 The Lost Voice of  Thanks. Hope you enjoy reading it.

The Lost Voice of Thanks

In a hole in the woods of Memory Land there lived a Mole and near his home there was a river.  The Memory Mole had lots of memories in his home hole.

There was also a fairy helper that lived with the Mole she was waiting for Pegasus and Molly and Polly to arrive.

When they got there the Memory Mole and Fairy helper searched through all the jars of memories until at last they found the jar which had the 'Lost Voice of Thanks.'

The Fairy helper gave it to Pegasus and he placed it onto of his heart.  Pegasus said 'Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.' "Thank you my friends for helping me to find the 'Lost Voice of Thanks.'"

They all sat down to have dinner beside the river which the fairies had prepared for them.  They had a beautiful feast and a wonderful time eating and dancing with their new friends.

All to soon the time came for Pegasus, Polly and Molly to leave, they said good bye to their friends and Thanked them for a wonderful day.
Written by Me a Princess, Sofia

Join me next week for the next episode when we visit Fru-Fru World to find The Lost Voice of Fruit.


Shop-FMSeymour said...

Hello Princess,
I loved your story this week, and the pictures are lovely.
Can I borrow your Fairy Helper this week?
I am looking forward to Fru Fru World! Have fun in the Secret Garden, and I will see you next week. :-)

Anonymous said...

That was a lovely story. Thank you for writing Princess Sofia. I must come back to read your next episode.

Foxglove Spires said...

Shop FMSeymour you can borrow my fairy helper tomorrow if you like, I'll bring her from the Secret Garden. See you next week!

Thank you Rebecca for visiting. I am glad you like my story and next week I will have a beautiful story for you to read.

Have a good day!! Love from Me a Princess Sofia. xx

Shop-FMSeymour said...

Thanks Princess, she came in this morning (very early wasn't she)? She was a big help to me, she must have known I needed her today. Thank you sooo much! xx

Princess Sofia said...

Nomi I know you were sick today thats why I came to help! I hope you feel beter. I love you.

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