Water Colour Painting

Experimenting with water colour painting is so relaxing and a wonderful way to see the colours mix with each other to form new colours, to use colours in a way that reflects emotions and feelings rather than simply resembling real life. Its wonderful to watch young children being able to express how they are feeling and how they see the world around them, the changes in seasons or things that interest them and because it is not suppose to be an exact reproduction of what they see they are not going to feel like they can not do it.  There is no right or wrong way to paint what they feel.


As a parent though when you see your child painting the grass a purplish colour you might think, grass is not purple! But if you think hard, sometimes you can catch glimpses of purple either from reflective colours or certain lights, this is a wonderful observation that precious little ones discover.  For adults it is not as easy if you are not use to it though.  I know for myself there are some times I might be in the middle of saying something and have to remind myself that this is how my Princess see things......

I think it is a privilege to be able to view the world with the eyes of a child without the many limitations that we put onto things to have a different perspective and see not only with our eyes but also with our hearts.


Paula said...

So very true, there is no right nor wrong, and it is a privilege. I hear you! Wonderfully written, feel your heart and soul. Love from my heart to yours.

Amy said...

"I think it is a privilege to be able to view the world with the eyes of a child"

Yes, and this is why I personally love having children around me - they keep life interesting!

sarah said...

I'm reading this sitting out on the deck...my girls beside me...painting...and loving what they're doing. ☺

Becky said...

I enjoy seeing the wonderful creativity children have when it comes to art. I've encouraged it to such an extent that once when a pastor's wife was having children color pictures that portrayed scenes of Jesus, and trying to get them to "color them right" my daughters insisted on coloring them in a bright array of colors. I loved it.

Ruby said...

Like Amy, I love to have littlies around to keep my eyes fresh!
Lovely pictures. I especially love the shades in the tip (purple) pic.
I confess to a little envy of my more artistic friends :-(

Foxglove Spires said...

Thank you Paula, Love to you from across the way.

Amy its wonderful delighting in children and all there many adventures!

Sarah that sounds perfect, enjoy your precious time.

Becky that's wonderful, children are sometimes the best teachers without knowing it themselves.

Ruby, I'm glad you liked the pictures. It is truly such a joy to see with "Fresh eyes!"

Thank you everyone for stopping by.

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