There were many ways of breaking a heart,

Stories were full of hearts broken by Love.

But what really broke a heart was taking away its Dream

Whatever that dream might be.
Pearl Buck

Dreams are so precious they live in the innermost being of ourselves
Sometimes they are spoken of,
Whispered about to our closest friend,
Or only know by ourselves.
Locked away, hidden or buried by the ways of life.
Never let go of you dreams, hold them with both of your hands
Nurture them, let them grow in the quite hours of the day.
Do all that you can.

For you never know when the time will come for them to bloom like a rose 
 Soar like a bird
 Out from there hiding place.

Like a bird ascending into the heavens above.
Your dreams to will ascend in full flight nurtured and cared for by you
Into the most dazzling and Wonderful

Hold onto your


My friends



Misborda2 said...

Hello again!! just leave a comment, just when you publish new post, so I have to make the trip, because Australia is far !!!!!
Beautiful entrance, and usually always beautiful dreams, while necessary.
Tend to be always with the hope !!!!!
Happy Weekend !!!!! Laura.

Amanda said...

Without dreams a soul withers, I believe...

what a beautiful and true post Foxglove...

ps. it is always so peaceful here, at your place (blog). Love it...

Jo said...

I agree with Amanda, you blog is so peaceful and calm. We almost dream no matter how old. Love that first painting.

Have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

thats lovely and so true, I think I needed to be reminded of that today :)

Foxglove Spires said...

Happy weekend to you as well Laura, I am glad you were able to visit me once again especially when you have such a long trip!!
I always love your visits and kind words. xxxx

Thank you so very much Amanda and Jo for such beautiful words, they touch my heart so deeply. I am so glad that you find a peacefulness here. Have a wonderful weekend filled with Joy, Peace and special moments to dream. xxx

Bec I hope you will be able to dream this weekend and find that which is hidden in your heart. xxxx

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

A wonderful thought to start the weekend to, sweet R.
Enjoy the days ahead. We have no plans, well, we are expecting a little baby to be born, the mommy was due October 1.... we are all sooo excited. xxxxx

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

A stunningly beautiful post!
Love it!
Have a great day!

The Unknowngnome said...

Yes! "To dream the impossible dream......To reach the unreachable star."

Lovely post!

I do so enjoy Waterhouse paintings and your selection of "My Sweet Rose" for the opening is perfect for dreaming.

Dream, Hope!

Foxglove Spires said...

Oh! How exciting Saskia, hope she will have it so very soon......
Enjoy your weekend filled with many surprises my friend. xxxxxx

Thank you Coralie, have a wonderful weekend. xxx

Unknowngnome, enjoy dreaming and reaching 'the impossible star'
Have a beautiful weekend. xxx

fairchildstreet said...

So very true. First time visit. I have the word Dream up on the wall in my home. Thanks for visiting Charmaine, I will visit again.

Bending Birches said...

loving this....such beautiful pictures and gentle words....this has put me in a good mood!

Tabitha Bird said...

I do. Oh how I do :)

Thank you for your words.

Jill said...

Lovely post and pics! It is very calming here and lately I've needed that! Thank you. Have a great weekend.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

I wish you to fulfill all your dreams! I enjoyed visiting your beautiful blog. Travelling

karen said...


MultipleMum said...

I love that picture of the birds you have used in this warm and inspiring post. A nice reminder to dream a little more :)

I am stopping by from Maxabella loves. Thanks for leaving a comment on my guest post. It is a great way to check out new blogs and hear from new people :)

Foxglove Spires said...

Charmaine, what a beautiful word to have hanging on your wall, a perfect reminder.
Thank you for visiting today, have a beautiful Sunday. xxx

Thank you Bending Birches for leaving such lovely words, I am so happy it helped to put you into a good mood. Have a wonderful Sunday. xxx

You are welcome Tabitha Bird, I can just imagine you soaring with your dreams.
Have a lovely Sunday with special times to dream. xxx

Oh Jill, I am so happy that your visit today has helped in bring some calm into your day. Hope you have a beautiful and peaceful Sunday. xxx

Phivos, may all your dreams come true as well. Thank you for visiting today and I am happy you enjoyed your visit.
Have a wonderful Sunday. xxx

Thank you Karen, Happy Sunday! xxx

MultipleMum thank you for visiting today and leaving such beautiful words, have a Sunday filled with happiness and many special moments. xxx

Paula said...

Follow your dreams they know the way :-))) Love form my heart to yours!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Hi again. I just added your beautiful blog to my blog list. Keep in touch! Hugs

Shirley said...

What a beautiful post!! I so enjoy coming here for a visit!

Foxglove Spires said...

Paula my friend I am so glad they do!!
Have a lovely Sunday. xxx

Thank you Phivos, I will.
Enjoy your day. xxx

Shirley, thank you. I am so happy you visited. Have a beautiful day xxx

Shop-FMSeymour said...

So so true. Thank you my lovely Foxglove :-)

Foxglove Spires said...

You are welcome my beautiful FMSeymour. xx

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