The Pot of Gold

Hello everyone, I hope you like my story today it is called

The Pot of Gold

I would like a pot of gold, would you? 
Maybe if we read this story we will be able to find one some day.

Once a little girl went to see the pot of gold under the rainbow with her dog Mia.
She saw the pot of gold and ran under the rainbow. 
She had a funny feeling inside, so she went and looked at herself in the pond which was near the pot of gold.
She saw herself and realised she was now a Unicorn, a pink one and her dog Mia was now a purple Unicorn.

A Blue Bird fluttered towards them and said " You are unicorns and should be in your homes"
Mia said " We are not really unicorns I am a dog and she is a human" 
"Well, you will have to go to see the wizard. First go through Poneyville on to Rainbowville and then through the land of Swan Lake. You will be in the Land of Fairies and they will take you to see the Wizard.""
They said thank you to the Blue Bird and started on their journey.
By Me, a Princes, Sofia

Have a gorgeous week everyone
I hope you have some magical adventures.


Bec said...

This morning I chose a shirt for my girl to wear and it has a fairytale landscape on the front of it and while it has been worn many times it seemed to be the fist day that she noticed a unicorn silouette behind a tree. She was so excited and asked if we could print out some pictures of a unicorn and do some drawing of unicorns today. Then I came here, to your blog, and this is what I found :).

Terra said...

Lovely tale, and the pink flowers are so pretty in her hair. I like unicorns too, and have posted about them and once posted a photo of a street sign that says "Unicorn Crossing." So they must really exist :)

Kiki said...

So super beautiful...thanks for sharing this magical tale..blessings and sparkles

earthboysblog said...

Love the photo of the two little ones cuddling. Sweet little tale.

The Unknowngnome said...

Ah, Princess Sophia and Mia, pink and purple unicorn, my favorite colors.

Beethoven would be proud. ;)

Paula said...

I love this. The two of them traveling towards their very own pot of gold inside themselves.

Jo said...

Another lovely story. Thankyou.

Shop-FMSeymour said...

Hi Princess, I so love your story!! You chose extremely beautiful pictures to fit your story too! The unicorns are gorgeous. They are absolutely fabulous ;-) Thank you, I always love comming to read your stories on Tuesdays! Have a lovely week ;-) I'm looking forward to Friday's surprise!! Are you? :-)

lila said...

soooo gorgeous! everything is so perfect...Love it!

PTCRUZ said...

Cuando vea dos unicornios junto al río sabré que realmente son una niña y un perro.

Bss y feliz día

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Ah, your pictures ate too sweet, my friend.
Enjoy your morning cup whilst I'm enjoying my evening cups xxxx

koralee said...

So delightful...thank you for the sweetness today. xoxo

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Very good tale. Hugs

Princess Sofia said...

Thank you all so very much for joining me on our adventures. See you next week.....

Himadri said...

that's a beautiful tale....its 5:30am here and i am enjoyin this lovely post with a hot glass of milk(i dont drink tea or coffee)...grt start for my day...thanks

m.e (Cathie) said...

absolutely magical!
hope your week has been magical so far ♥

Princess Sofia said...

Himadri and Cathie thank you for the beautiful words you said to me. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.

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