Take a Trip

It has been an absolutely beautiful raining Saturday
The fire has been lit,
So we are warm and cosy
Join my in having a pot of tea or a cup of coffee and take a trip. 

Anaconda my dear friend has asked my to be apart of a tag
Answering some questions about myself
So as you enjoy your drink have a little look into my world
I hope you enjoy it......

4 things found in my handbag;
Make up
Baby wipes / Hand wipes
Hand cream

4 things found in my bedroom;
A hanging mirror

4 things I would love to do but have never done;
Travel through Europe
Sky dive
Learn a different language
Own a quaint shop with a little cafe

4 things about myself;
I love drawing and dreaming
I have long curly hair nearly down to my waist
I rarely go to sleep before 2am
I nearly became a fashion designer but fate had another destiny for me...

Thank you for taking a trip with me


Enjoy the rest of your weekend



Anakonda61 said...

Foxglove thanks for visit my little home...and have a beautiful weekend too...my friend...
....and lots of kisses for accept to play that crazy game...jajajaja!!!!
Now...We know you a little more!!!! and I think you are a very special person ... almost magical...like a fairy

Amanda said...

I enjoyed reading these things... it is fun to take a little peak into a blogging friend's life (behind the keyboard) ;)

Your hair sounds gorgeous...

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

i loved the trip, that first image just made me daydream...
Have a sweet Sunday evening and a good start to the new week, my friend. xxx

Shop-FMSeymour said...

2am? Isn't that 3am? Lovely post today. Thank you. Care to share a pot of tea with me?

Ruby said...

It's always interesting to read snippets of bloggy friends' lives. Thanks for sharing.

Paula said...

Oh it is so nice to get a glimpse into your life! Thanks for the tea, it was a fbulous time at your palce. If I may say so, as usual, my dear, as usual!

kelly said...

Very Interesting snippets about yourself. I suppose that's when all your creative inspiration is at it's best. After 12.00? Great post.


The Unknowngnome said...

Very nice tea and read. Thanks for the little insights.

francis said...

How nice to know a little bit more about you ! You almost became to be a designer but ..... ? Now I'm curious .... Have a wonderful week

Foxglove Spires said...

Anakonda, I loved playing this crazy game. Thank you my sweet friend for such lovely words which make my heart happy! xxxx

Amanda, thank you for taking a peak behind the keyboard!
My hair has been all sorts of lengths and colours but I have worn it long with my natural curls for some time now, appreciating my natural hair. xxx

Thank you for taking the trip lovely Saskia, enjoy some wonderful daydreams
my friend. xxxx

Yes FMSeymour it is usually 3am but I am trying to get to bed earlier!! I would love some tea, a pot to share sounds perfect. xxxx

Your welcome Ruby, thank you for taking a journey today. xxx

Paula I am glad you enjoyed your visit and tea until next time, my friend... xxxx

Kelly you are absolutely correct unfortunately after 12 is when most of the work is done!!! xxx

Dear Unknowngnome,I am glad you took the trip today and had some tea. xxx

Ahhh Francis, that is another whole story, maybe I should write a post about this some time?
Thank you for taking a trip today my friend. xxxx

Jo said...

What a interesting lady you are. How long did it take to grow your hair? Mine is curly and when it grows it curls up, so I have to grow it double the length to get the length I want!

Have a special week:)

Foxglove Spires said...

Jo, I have the same problem! I think it would be about two years to grow it from shoulder length with a couple of trims, the joys of curly hair :)

Have a beautiful week. xxx

CatherineLovesRoses said...

Dear friend, if you ever decide to come to Europe and visit Barcelona, please tell me as I would love to know someone as creative and inspiring as you! I have enjoyed so much reading your beautiful answers.


Foxglove Spires said...

Catherine my friend, If I do visit Europe, Barcelona would be a place I would not miss, and to visit such a beautiful person like you would an absolute delight.

Have a beautiful day. xxxx

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