Butterfly Flower Land

Hello once again it's me Sofia from the Magic Garden.
I have a big surprise today for you!!

Butterfly Flower Land

Now the children were skipping with their friends and there lovely Rainbow Rabbit.
They saw a meadow which they walked through. After walking through the meadow they saw a giant lake.  There were 500 crocodiles in the lake as well as 500 sharks and 1,000 dolphins.  The dolphins saved the friends, all of them from the crocodiles and sharks and took them safely  across it to Butterfly Flower Land.  The dolphins said, "the unicorn called Bright Eyes will take you to the Queen of Butterfly Flower Land."

In one minute the dolphin was gone and in the next minute the unicorn was there and she took them without saying anything.  
When they were nearly at the palace she said, "my name is Bright Eyes."

They were at the Castle finally and the friends said, "we would like to see the Wizard?"  
"But the Wizard is where you first started your journey!" replied the Queen.

For one hundred years the friends walked and walked and swam and swam across lands and lakes, until finally the arrive back to where they had started.  They called for the Wizard to come, but he didn't jump out.  All the friends they had meet on their journey arrived  and they said all together, "where is the Wizard?" 

The two unicorns said, "Look up."  All the friends looked up and they saw three fairies and a Wizard.  The three fairies and the Wizard came down and sang. "We are going to have our cake our cupcakes and our food, that is what we will eat today, today!"  

After eating, the Wizard said, "I will send you home, just close your eyes and make a wish." 

They wished all together and a wonderful thing happened...... 
They all turned in to humans and Mia said Oh thank you mum.
By Me a princess, Sofia.

 I Hope you enjoyed the surprise in my story. 
Everyone was turned into a human and could live... 
Happily Ever After....

Have a  marvellous week
Till next time....


Bela said...

Your princess is so bright and beautiful!!
Have a sweet and lovely week!! Bela.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Oh! It was a pretty good surprise Sofia! Have a good day!

PTCRUZ said...

¡FELIZ SEMANA!!!! Al final voy a presentar a tu princesa mi principe Jacobo... jjjjj, también moreno y con rizos

Feliz dulce semana


Princess Sofia said...

Bela, I love your sayings and you daughter looks gorgeous. I send kisses and hugs for you and your daughter.

Philip, thank you I am glad you my surprise. xxxxxxxxxoooooooooo

Happy week to you too Begoña, can't wait to meet your Prince.

Jill said...

Lovely story....I love happy endings! Have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Nan said...

Hello my precious. I bet everyone that reads your fantasmaglogical stories cannot wait for the next episode..I lUuuuuuv yOooooou sOoooooo muUuuuuuuch…your Nan

Andrea said...

Another beautiful story with a lovely ending. So magical x
You have a lovely wek too x

Lori Saul said...

How lovely - I feel transported to an enchanted place!

Princess Sofia said...

Thank you Jill, Nan, Andrea and Lori, have a magical week and a fabulous Thanksgiving....

Georgianna said...

Yes, a wonderful surprise at the end, Sofia! Thank you for such a fun and magical adventure!

Bumpkin Bears said...

So magical, just beautiful. x

Ana said...

What a wonderful surpise Sofia. Loved your story. Have a beautifully enchanting day my little friend.

Butterfly Kisses,

Princess Sofia said...

Thank you Georgianna, Bumpkin Bears and Ana for taking a magical journey with me. I am having a wonderful week in the Secret Garden and I am so exciting that Christmas is very soooon approaching.

Have a beautiful day.

Shop-FMSeymour said...

Hi Princess, I'm just catching up on your story (yes I know it's been a while) sorrry!!! But, I absolutely loved it, and what a great surprise :0) You are a wonderful story teller. Gorgeous and delightful. Thank you my Princess.

Princess Sofia said...

Thank you FMSeymour I don't mind if you are late, I just love you reading them.
Have a beautiful week. xxxxxxx

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