Hello again, it is Me, Princes Sofia. Did you all have a good week
did you hear about my new story? 
I am so excited I keep on squealing with delight!

Today's story is Called Ponyville

Now Sofia was walking through Ponyville when Mia saw two boys. One was a dog and one was a boy.
 Mia said "Maybe they could come with us on our journey." Sofia thought this was a good idea so they went to ask them.

The boys were very happy to go with them.
They said "you are unicorns! "
So Sofia and Mia explained how the were changed into unicorns as they went under the rainbow and that they now had to travel to the Land of Fairies to find the Wizard.
Mac said "Oh you are so beautiful Mia."
and Paul said "you are so beautiful Sofia."

They then started on their journey, but first they stopped to have some morning tea at Maurelle's Red Cafe.

 They had some milk and a delicious light and fluffy cake which tasted so heavenly!
After finishing  morning tea they set out on their journey to Rainbowville. 
By Me, a Princess, Sofia.

I hope you enjoyed your journey today.
I am going to go back to the Secret Garden to dance in the rain.
Till next week.......

Have a beautiful time.


koralee said...

So cute my friend..even though it is only 8:30am...I could sure go for a piece of that yummy cake...what fun you have.


Happy November!

PTCRUZ said...

mmmmm qué rica la tarta..... te mando un trocito de "rainbow" a tu correo.... bss y feliz lunes


Paula said...

Fairieland sounds like a perfect place to be! Princess Sofia is so adorable!

Jill said...

Once again I leave your blog with a big smile. Just read the story to my daughter too. We love our visits here.

Ana said...

I do love your sweet little stories Princess Sofia. I can't wait to hear more about your journey to the Land of Faries. Have a wonderful new week.

Hugs and Smiles,

Shirley said...

Princess Sofia is sooo sweet. What a lovely post. I thank you for your kind visit and words..I shall be busy while away and will look forward to my future visit here. : )

Anya said...

Lovely post, Princess Sofia is so adorable.

Princess Sofia said...

Thank you very much everyone! I squealed with delight at your lovely words to me.
I would share the cake with all of you if I was in your world.
Fairy world is so magical with unicorns everywhere. I will take you on a journey there very soon........

Love from me to you

Princess Sofia said...

Querida Begoña,

Gracias por el correo del arco iris me encantó.


Shop-FMSeymour said...

Hi Fia, Another lovely story. A lovely adventure, scrumptious cake to eat and newfound freinds. Mac sure is a handsome dog :-)and I so love the sound of Fairy Land, with all of the unicorns. I would love to visit there. I look forward to visiting Rainbowville with you next week. Enjoy dancing in the rain my precious Princess xxx

Jo said...

Great story. Having a busy week, enjoying the rain we are having. May you have a lovely week.

Féepoussière said...

so cute ♥
thank you :))

Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

What a lovely day xox

Amanda said...

Lovely story and boy, do I like that photo of you Miss Sofia! Such a pretty little princess!

Love the doggy too! ;)

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Well hello adorable princess Sofia! You and your sweet mommy are living the most wonderful adventures. I love reading and looking at your fairytale posts!
Much love for today, sweet friend. xxxxx

Anakonda61 said...

Lovely my friend...I love your story...and that cake...woooouuuu!!!

Princess Sofia said...

Thank you my friends for coming on these adventures with me and letting me know how much you enjoy them.

Amanda this photo of Mac the dog is my Aunties he is so cute isn't he! That is what FMSeymour thinks he is so handsome but I do tooo.

Have beautiful week.

Himadri said...

lovely....waiting to read what happens next....right now i am goin in my kitchen to eat somethin sweet.

Princess Sofia said...

Himadri, enjoy your sweet something.
Have a beautiful day. xxxxoooo

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