Special Places

The Christmas Unicorn.
She is Gorgeous and Cute,
Sweet and Kind,
Loving and Adventurous.
So she was delighted when a special award was given....


Now she has to take us to 

Three Wonderful places that I would love to visit.

First to 
Where we will be able to play with the faeries.

Over to
To tread in the footsteps of my Ancestors.

Then finally a wondrous flight to 
A place my heart has called me to for many years.

If only we could travel so easily and then I would visit each one of you 
My special and lovely friends.

Enjoy a cup of coffee 
and a chat.
How splendid that would be!!!!


CatherineLovesRoses said...

Dear Ruth,

This little unicorn is certainly gorgeous, cute, sweet, kind and loving, but I know one blogger friend who I would describe with exactly the same words!! :)

Oh please please if you ever come to Barcelona we need to meet each other and have a cup of tea with cookies together!!

Have a wonderful day!!

koralee said...

She is lovely.....happy Thursday to you. xoxoxo

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Yay..what a gorgeous dazzling unicorn..awww...too cute..and so magical! And such a lovely enchanting post!!
Happiest new year to you..it has been wonderful getting to know you and your enchanted world!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Another sweet post sprinkled with magic and fairytale sparkles.
Lots of love to you, sweet lady R. Give sweet pea S a huge hug. Wishing you a fun Friday and a wonderful weekend xxxx

Becky said...

What an adorable little unicorn.
I've always thought it would be neat to visit Ireland.

The French Maid said...

What a delightful blog you have...I'm your newest follower!
--Lee Ann

Bela said...

Ruth, I missed your world, words and magic!! It is a pleasure to pay you a visit always!
Gorgeous post!
May your days be always filled with JOY! Bela

Georgianna said...

Dear Ruth, The unicorn is so sweet and magical! I love the wonderful places that you've chosen to visit. I've never been to Ireland or Barcelona but Scotland is indeed a land of enchantment. Wishing you a beautiful and serene weekend filled with daydreams and wonder. xo – g

Lori Saul said...

An absolutely magical friend- what a joy and sounds like quite a journey!

Inge said...

Such a lovely Christmas Unicorn. I cross my fingers that you can visit your magical places one day. I have never been in Edinburgh, but I would love to visit it, too. A friend of mine was there and she told me it is one of the nicest cities she has ever been. Greetings, Inge

lila Braga said...

wow i really loved this post! ...so full of positive vibes and beauty!
Come to Dubai! Come to visit me!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I sent Mr. Sandman over to YOU for the sweetest dreams, lovely lady R. Have a most happy Sunday ahead!
Much love xxxx

Bela said...

That is sooooo nice to hearing from YOU, dear Ruth!! My bst wishes fly across the oceans and will reach Australia up to you!! Wishes of a great and bright weekend!!! Much love!! Bela

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ruth! Now how cute is this!!!!! I need to find out more about this little darling! But first, thank you for your kind visit! All of you dear souls just make my days....thank you for such friendship and sweetness. I love how each one of us adds something to brighten someone's day and incite ideas for creativity!


Phivos Nicolaides said...

Nice and cool! Hugs

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Oh how lovely! I wish we could just sit and chat as we have many similar likes...vintage treasures! Have a Happy Pink Saturday!

la fée papillion écolo ! said...

What a beautiful unicorn! I wish you a good weekend!

Jo said...

I would loe to travel in reality as much I do via blogging. One day I will get to the USA to visit my brother and his family.

What a cute unicorn

Blessings for the coming week.

Foxglove said...

Thank you for all your wonderful messages you have sent. I am so glad you like my little Unicorn, she is the first one I have attempted to make, she is such a sweet little friend.

Have a wonderful day or maybe evening, but either way I do hope it is wonderful my friends. xxxx

Shop-FMSeymour said...

Congratulations my Foxglove. You definitely deserve it.
I so love that unicorn! And.... I think I'll join you in Edinburgh and Ireland, oh why not I'll just come along to Barcelona as well :-) That would also be a lovely place to visit too.
Have a fabulous week!!

Foxglove said...

Thank you FMSeymour, I would be delighted to have you join me, the best way to travel is with friends like you.

Have a delightful night. xxx

Bombchell said...

awwww how nice.

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