Waldorf Inspired Curriculum

In Foxglove Spires we use Waldorf or Steiner as it is commonly called in Australia inspired education. We believe in the teaching of Head, Heart, and Hands principals, finding our daily rhythm and learning through creativity and nature.  It is a gentle way of teaching travelling at our own pace and delighting in learning daily.

The resource books and sites we use at Foxglove Spires are:

Christopherus Homeschooling Resources written by Donna Simmons

Susuan Whitehead has four books for the different seasons filled with Songs, Poems, Activities and Story for under 7 years of age.

And June Cunningham Working with Curriculum in Australian Steiner Schools, which helps greatly when trying to workout forms to submit for approval of homeschooling.

Resources, links and other helpful information regarding Steiner in Australia

  e   B a l d w i n   P r o j e c t

      Bringing Yesterday's Classics to Today's Children                 @mainlesson.co
Click on Waldorf under Curricula for free stories

Waldorf of Steiner Inspired education is wonderful and harmonious however sometimes when trying to find out information on this style of teaching can be daunting and frustrating if you do not know where to start.  I do not have any background in this style of learning but through using these resources especial Donna Simmons I have been able to grasp the understanding of these wonderful principals and apply them to our homeschooling life.  If you have any questions please email me and I will be more than happy to try and answer them for you.

I wish you all the best on your adventures in Waldorf (Steiner) Inspired teachings and many blessings.

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